This blog highlights verses in the Bible that are rarely included in sermons and Sunday school lessons. It also examines contradictions and other problem verses.

1) Explanations should deal with as much of the evidence as possible
2) Explanations should avoid contradictions, both internal and with the evidence from the physical world
3) Explanations should be logical
4) Explanations should make predictions that can be tested
5) Explanations should have some utility in addressing new evidence

Biblical Interpretation Statement
I recognize that there are multiple methods of interpreting the Bible. This blog is written from the point of view in which I grew up, which is that the Bible is the inerrant and literal word of a perfect God.

Some people claim certain sections of the Bible are metaphor. For example, some Christians do not believe in a literal Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Other Christians do believe in this literally. I can not discuss every possible way of interpreting every possible story. The Bible does not say “this passage is literal, and that passage is metaphor.” Therefore, I will examine the Bible as if it were all literal. I will recognize that stories such as the parables told by Jesus are not necessarily based on factual events.

I reserve the right to edit comments that

  • Contain phone numbers or other person information
  • Are nothing more than long sermons
  • Do not address the verses of the blog entry

Arguments that do not address the verses include:

  • Evolution is false, therefore the entire Bible is true
  • The universe was created, therefore there is a creator, therefore the entire Bible is true
  • Objective morals can only exist with God; objective morals exist; therefore God exists and the entire Bible is true


  1. YOU ARE SO AWESOME THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!! Ps reading your responses to people’s comments makes my day 🙂

    • First of all I’d like to say that yes it is too bad that these verses aren’t read more in church. However, while you have some very valid points, I think you misunderstood. You see, Nebuchadnezzar’s attack on Tyre was more of a warning of what was to come. Ezekiel’s prophecy was suppose to be a wake-up call for Lebanon. God sent an attack on Tyre to prove to Lebanon that it could be done and they really could be destroyed. However, God showed mercy on them and gave them a lot of time to repent. The complete destruction of Tyre has yet to come and will only come as we draw closer and closer to the end. It is easier to recognize that this destruction wasn’t going to happen immediately when you look at chapter 28 of Ezekiel. In those verses it talks about Tyre’s ruler claiming to be a god, however in also says in part of verse 2 “but you are only a man and not a god though you boast that you are a God.” Ok, so even for people who aren’t Christians, what do you think of when you hear people talking about someone convincing everyone they’re God? In terms of Christianity, you should think of the Antichrist, who is of course satan. Still talking about the prince of Tyre, in verse 13 it says ” you were in Eden, the garden of God.” and in verse 14 it says that ” I ordained and anointed you as the mighty angelic guardian.” Therefore I think its important to realize that Tyre wasn’t ruled by who is descibed in those verses at the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign. Thefore this leads me to believe that Tyre is where the Antichrist could possibly rule when the end times come. And another important reason why I believe that is because seems like based on chapter 31 of Ezekiel that Lebanon was where Eden was located. Chapter 31 talks about Assyria was once like a cedar of Lebanon and that no tree in the garden of God came close to it in beauty. Also a good part of all these things about Tyre and even Eygpt is discussed in the riddle and explanation in chapter 17. I can see why you think that this prophecy was false-because you didn’t read everything or understand. Tyre will be destroyed, but I think it might be after the seven years that the antichrist has control of the earth. It only makes sense to me that where God’s and Satan’s war over humanity began (Eden) is where it will end and Tyre will be destroyed. I appreciate the opportunity I have to adress this and hope you can take something away from it. I can’t guaretee that I am correct, but only that I have done my best to uderstand and explain Ezekiel’s prophecy….Thanks!

  2. I appreciate you sharing these verses and exposing them to the light of reason. I was raised the same as you, to believe the bible was the absolute word of a perfect god. You provide a great service by exploring & debating these texts. Thank you!

  3. Hello Ed, I came across your blog and found it thought provoking, and I was wondering what are your views on the Bible and what do you believe, if at all. I think any time you can get people to really think about their interpretation or what someone has told them over the years about the Bible, they will began to open their eyes and see clearly. Religion is what I feel the majority have and the believe what is “told” to them. I would like to here from you and how yo came to writing this kind of blog. Very interesting work.

    • I was raised a fundamentalis Christian (Southern Baptist) and became an agnostic after reading the bible from cover to cover, which I did twice. Most of the verses that alarmed me are here. I further investigated how the bible came into being, shockingly learning that the protestant bible was not completed until 1885; that there were hundreds of books accepted as Christian books no longer in either the protestant or catholic canon; that there were a variety of beliefs (Marcionites, Ebionites, Gnostics, etc) called Christian prior to 325 CE that would be called heretical today; that orthodox Christianity was forged through the years; much Christianity was adapted from other mythologies, etc. I will post a link to a power point presentation on meetup.com when I get home from work.

  4. Hey Ed. I was looking for an email addy for you but could not find one. I guess I understand why you want to keep it private. But I was wondering in all your pew sitting hours have you ever heard of a preacher, priest, or reverend tell people they needed to sign up for an eBay account and sell all they own and then give the proceeds to the poor before they would be allowed to get into heaven? He actually mentions it twice but the most blatant is in the 18th chapt of Luke when someone asks him how to have eternal life. He explains that in verse 22 they need to sell everything they own and give that away (what most folks call socialism). I’ve asked Christians why they feel they are going to heaven and they all quote John 3:16. but fail to know the other rules Jesus set out. What are some of the examples you get as to why Jesus’ own words no longer matter (in their mind)? Maybe its worth a post on your site to see what answers you get.

  5. That was the only thing that was holding him back from making a commitment. It was apparent that he placed what he desired most ahead of serving .

  6. Came upon your site after Googling “Midianites.” Wonderful! The Bible has always been a favorite reading place for me, but not for religious reasons. Nice to find a cozy corner where the Bible isn’t seen as just “the word of God.”

  7. Really enjoying your blog. I am a religious studies student but a dedicated atheist so I may be sourcing your blog for papers and debates. Really appreciate you taking the time to write this out, thank you.

  8. My church is spending a whole term looking at Judges. We’ve also read the whole of Jonah. Another nasty book. We don’t neglect any of it, especially the hard bits. That’s where we work the hardest.
    The mistake I’ve watched people make with respect to the bible is to try and fit a huge, universe-sized history into a post-modern rationalist headspace. It simply doesn’t fit. God is bigger, the world is far more complex and super-imposing our “I know better” culture onto 3000 year old events just does not work. Nor does it help us understand what God was doing in Canaan, Ninevah, Egypt or any of the other places people try brand him as having been “Evil”. Big questions have big complex answers. Often the answers are as difficult as the question itself. Why does God call Ehud to kill Eglon? Could it be because Eglon had justice coming? Check out the words of Adoni-Bezek in Judges 1. Even he could see his time was up. Justice is important. God cannot love without being just. Additionally, mercy cannot be offered where offenders are not being brought to justice.
    BTW Ed, I understand why you’ve struggled with the bible, but don’t think it’s only a few hundred years old. That’s spiced, lunch sausage. The NT is reliably aged back 2000 years. The dead sea scrolls help us to see a reliable OT a few thousand years before that.

    • The 27 books of the New Testament were not decided until 367 CE, over 330 years after the supposed life of Jesus.

      The oldest New Testament codex that contains all 27 books of the current new testament also contains the Shepherd of Hermes and the Epistle of Barnabas.

      The Dead Sea scrolls show that many verses were altered by the time the Septuagint and Masoretic texts were created. Deuteronomy 32:8 is “Sons of God” in Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls, but “Sons of Israel” in the Masorietic text and therefore in most modern bibles. Modern bible publishers choose “Sons of Israel” becuase the Dead Sea Scroll verse supports polytheism.

      Only 40% of the Dead Sea scrolls contain books in the Old Testament (no NT books), and there is no distinction between the 40% biblical and 60% non-biblical books.

      Finally, you omitted the Nag Hammadi scriptues, which are Gnostic Christian gospels, none of which are found in the New Testament. Prior to the establishment of Orthodox Christianity by the Roman Empire, Christians had a wide variety of belief in Christ. Some believed he was man only, some believe god only. Some followed the Old Testament, some did not follow the Old Testament. Some believed Jesus was god’s son (separate being from god).

      I recommend you read The Evolution of God by Robert Wright and the Bart Ehrman books Jesus Interrupted, Lost Christianities, and Misquoting Jesus.

  9. What ever happen to all each believing in any religion, the important is we all know and believe of Jesus Christ! Read Bible verses about hope and what it means to trust in God.

    • Your first sentence is a big contradiction. There is no way “each believing in any religion” can happen if “we all know and believe of [sic] Jesus Christ”. People who believe in Allah are not going to believe in Jesus Christ. Regarding your last sentence, why not believe ALL the bible, including the parts where god orders genocide and other atrocities? People can not judge the bible for what it is unless they read all of it.

  10. Good morning!
    I discovered your blog while researching many of the same questions you explore herein. While I am a believer in God (for reasons not important to this message), I have always had a problem with the bible and what I was taught to believe as “truth”…I could never quite reconcile why this omnipotent being would create me “in his image”, as intelligent and curious as I am, yet expect me to blindly believe the words of an ancient book, without question. Finding myself off work for the past two months, I decided to re-read the bible, questioning and challenging all that I had been taught was “the word of God”, yet somehow seemed counter to the nature of a being that was supposedly so loving and compassionate. While I’m still a believer, I find myself righteously (no pun intended!) p*ssed off as I discover how often the scriptures have been mutilated (or grievously mistranslated) to support a particular belief.
    In closing, I’d like to say that while I may not agree with everything you have written, I greatly appreciate the work you’ve done and thank you for it. (While the jury is still out on the rest of the work, one must admit that Jesus-if he was as described in the good book-was a pretty decent fellow…I try to live my life as he would have.;)

    • Thank you for your honesty. As Thomas Edison said when he was being visciously attacked for being an atheist,

      “The criticisms which have been hurled at me have not worried me. A man cannot control his beliefs. If he is honest in his frank expression of them, that is all that can in justice be required of him.” The Columbian Magazine, 1911

  11. This is a great site with some very useful information. You’ve mentioned a power point in a few comments throughout the blog. Is this available on the site to view? Thanks again!

    • I will post a link when not at work. You can find 6 presentations by going to meetup.com, looking for Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, and selecting MORE and then selecting FILES.

  12. Hi,
    I am new to things on the computer like whatever this is. Is this a blog? Anyway, I was looking for a verse for my mother and came across this. This sounds very interesting. Where can I read about who you are, what this is about, and maybe what the purpose or goal is for this? I don’t want you to have to explain everything if it’s already written out somewhere. I look forward to hearing from you. Please also include this one specific thing if you dont mind. ..
    1) Do you believe that Jesus paid the price for our sin and that if we accept this gift from Him, that we will be in heaven after death because (here’s the key) Jesus is THE one and only way to our Heavenly Father and eternity with Him? If you dont want to answer I will assume it’s because that would be a point of dicussion and I will understand. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you,

    • I am a senior software engineer for a major Fortune 500 company, a husband, a father of four, and have a BS and MS in computer science.
      The goal of this blog is to discuss verses that are rarely or never discussed in churches. Most Christians have never read the entire bible, and many who do read it completely soon realize it is not the perfect word of god.
      If Jesus existed, he was merely a man just like me.
      There is no heaven or hell. When we die, our atoms go back to the earth just like any other animal.

      • read john 14. and revelation. mt25. etc. He Is Son of God and there is Eternity. HalleluJah!

        Lord Willing, no contradictions are in His Word, all these suppositions can be addressed and reconciled By God! HalleluJah! Amen!

        Believe and see! bring up you and your children Lord Willing in HIS INERRANT WORD, Way, Truth, And Life

        http://Bible.cc For God So Loved the world He Gave His Only Son

  13. Wow Ed! Nice to know you’ve got it all figured out. When I read your posts, you’re filled with doubts and false securities. You have no way of proving there is no heaven and there is no hell. You have no idea what happens when your heart stops beating. I know this, the precious Lord Jesus, the One you doubt truly existed overcame death by resurrection power and is seated at the right hand of the Father on high. One day soon, when He returns, every eye will see Him and every knee will and confess that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. I take my stand with the precious Word of God which lives and abides forever. It was here before you, and will continue long after you.

    • You have no way of proving there is no heaven and there is no hell.

      You forgot purgatory. Remember, 50% of all Christians believe in purgatory as well. The burden of proof is on you. Please prove to me that heaven and hell exist, and then prove to me that purgatory does or does not exist, depending upon your point of view.

      And while you are proving heaven exists, please tell me whether or not is has pearly gates and golden streets or if it has 72 virgins per man.

      Does your Word of God contain 66 books, or does it contain 80 books as the official King James Bible did from 1611 to 1885?

  14. Keep up the good work, I have defended your views on a couple of places here. It takes guts to come forward. The Bible for who ever wishes to research was selected , yes by men a a council in 325 AD known as the council of Nicea, please read about the history.

  15. Lord Willing, no contradictions are in His Word, all these suppositions can be addressed and reconciled By God! HalleluJah! Amen!

    Believe and see!

    http://Bible.cc For God So Loved the world He Gave His Only Son

  16. […] Image: Ehud stabs Eglon, courtesy Bible Verses Rarely Read on Sunday […]

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