Posted by: edhensley | August 9, 2009

Zombies Roam Jerusalem

Matthew 27: 51At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. 52The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 53They came out of the tombs, and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people.

The stories regarding the death and resurrection of Jesus have so many contradictions that many believers have become doubters simply by comparing the stories.  Only Matthew 27 has the story of zombies roaming the streets of Jerusalem.  There are several details omitted. Did the zombies look like rotten corpses, or were they provided with fresh bodies? Where did they go after rising from their tombs and appearing to many people? Did they die a second time, or did they walk back into their graves? Who were these zombies? The Age of Reason provides many other comments on this passage as well as on the rest of the bible. I encourage all Christians to read this book.

More importantly, where is the evidence that this fantastic event occurred?  There are no historical accounts of any event in the life of Jesus written within decades of his life. You would think that zombies walking around would generate at least one historical written account of this event. There are none.

Most biblical stories have no corroboration and are contradicted by history, geology, archeology, and science. There are no records of Jesus living. No record of the Bethlehem star. Many events that should leave evidence have not done so.



  1. Any Educated person can see most Bible scriptures are just Fables told for hundreds of years before put into written script Like any word of mouth story things get distorted many things added as well left out ! Most people are searching for something when they believe in Man created Religions & Gods. people are in Denial and Refuse to use simple Logic . People will not take the trouble to research what Bible Scriptures are about. you can say Ignorance is Bliss. happy is the person who looks through Rose colored glasses and cant see the Forest through the trees .SHHHH don’t wake the Brain Dead. EX Christian –who saw through the Mythology of Man created GODS!!

  2. As someone who didn’t believe in anything, but now trusts in Jesus, I can say that one of the sources of evidences that helped me decide were the extra-Biblical sources, especially those of Christ’s enemies, since they had no reason to lie in his favor (though of course being careful to remember that, since they were his enemies, they had a reason to lie against him). Also, the more I read about historical accounts, and what historians consider to be reliable, the more I realized that the New Testament documents can be trusted as a source of historical information. In fact, there have been cases where historians dismissed Luke’s account of the gospel because some historical reference wasn’t substantiated, but then an archaeological dig turned something up to support the reference.

    Another thing that helped was fulfilled prophecy, in particular those about the savior that God was going to send into the world to rescue us. A great one is Isaiah 53. If you’re familiar with the basic details of Jesus’s life, that one should give you pause. It’s so specific, and clearly talking about Jesus, that people questioned whether it was written by Christians *afterward*, but we found some copies of the text that dated to well before Christ’s birth.

    These issues are important, yet the most important issue is that of Jesus’s identity. He made some pretty incredible claims to that end, and it’s understandable that one might not immediately be able to believe them, but he promises is that if you keep seeking, you’ll find what you’re seeking. God *wants* to rescue you from his judgment, because if you are found guilty, he will send you away from his presence forever, and he does *not* want that. He’s holy, and so if we want to be with him, we need to be holy, too. But what we find is that we are *not* holy, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t make ourselves holy (we’re already broken, and a broken tool can’t fix itself). This is why we *need* a savior, and because God wants us to be with him, he sent one (himself) to accept the punishment for our rebellion. As a result, God sees us as holy as Jesus, provided we trust that Jesus saved us. And the reason he wants to save you, is that he made you to be close with him. Jesus said the hairs on your head are all numbered.

    So it matters what we believe about him. A great place to start is the gospel of John, in the Bible. It’s near the end, between Luke and Acts. Another great book is The Case For Christ. It was written by Lee Strobel, an investigative journalist whose wife one day told him that she had become a Christian, so he became determined to prove to her that it was all false. He applied his trade and interviewed leading experts in history, the Bible, etc. In the process, he came to a crisis of faith, and ended up placing his trust in Christ. What’s really great about the book is that there are *tons* of references you can look up yourself, in case you want more info on a particular topic.

    Hope that helps.

    • Dear Adam,

      Your letter was so pathetic I have decided to do an entire post about it. In summary, your message is a mindless regurgitation of Christian propaganda. You make a lot of claims but provide no evidence or references for any of your claims. You totally ignored the bible verses of my blog, the Jerusalem zombies of Matthew 27.

      “one of the sources of evidences that helped me decide were the extra-Biblical sources, especially those of Christ’s enemies”

      Could you please list ONE of these sources? There are NO historical records about Jesus written during his lifetime (the earliest being 60 years after his death). Please provide the names of his enemies and the manuscripts they wrote.

      “the more I read about historical accounts, and what historians consider to be reliable, the more I realized that the New Testament documents can be trusted as a source of historical information.”

      Nothing could further from the truth! Matthew 2:1 says Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great. Luke 2:2 says Jesus was born during the reign of Quirinius of Syria. Historical records prove that Herod’s reign ended in 4 B.C. while Quirinius did not start his reign until 6 A.D. This impossibility PROVES that the New Testament is not reliable!

      In addition, many major events recorded in the New Testament are not recorded by any historians. We have many detailed accounts of Herod’s life. We know how many wives and children he had and we know many aspects of his reign. Yet, there is not one mention of his slaughter of the innocennts.
      The star of Bethlehem is a phenomenon that should have been visible to historians, but once again no historian mentions this visible phenomenon.
      The census of Augustus is known to have occurred in 6 A.D., but it only applied to Roman citizens and did not require Jews (or anyone else) to go to the hometown of their ancestors thousands of years ago.

      The New Testament manuscripts have over 200,000 known discrepancies. Some are minor, while some are major. I highly encourage you to read Misquoting Jesus; Jesus Interrupted; and Lost Christianities by Bart Ehrman, the head of the religious department of the University of North Carolina to find out how inaccurate the New Testament is and what historians have to say about it.

      “some historical reference wasn’t substantiated, but then an archaeological dig turned something”

      What historical reference? Which archaeological dig? What did it turn up? You can’t just spew vague babble and expect to be taken seriously by people who ask for evidence.

      “Another thing that helped was fulfilled prophecy… A great one is Isaiah 53”

      Here is Isaiah 53:10 (NIV)
      Yet it was the LORD’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer,
      and though the LORD makes his life a guilt offering,
      he will see his offspring and prolong his days

      It says Jesus will “see his offspring and prolong his days.” Jesus did not have any offspring and his days were not prolonged after he was made a guilt offering. My wife attended Trevecca Nazarene University and had detailed Bible courses. The Bible experts taught that this passage (which begins in Isa 52) is not even a prophecy at all!

      “the most important issue is that of Jesus’s identity”

      I agree this is an important issue. Too bad no historians living during his lifetime felt he was important enough to write even one sentence about him.

      “The Case For Christ… by Lee Strobel, an investigative journalist … He applied his trade “

      The Case For Christ involves interviews with Christian apologists, not with secular scholars. No experts holding critical views of the accuracy of the New Testament were interviewed even thought many (Michael Shermer, Stephen Jay Gould, etc) would have willingly given him an interview. This is NOT an example of good journalism.

      One of his interview subjects, Dr. William Lane Craig, proudly claims that Christians and Islamic terrorists share the same moral theory!

      William Lobdell was a Christian journalist who covered religious stories who used his journalistic skills to become an atheist. Read his book Losing My Religion or read more about him here:

      If you reply, please do not make vague statements and unsubstantiated claims. That was all you did in your previous response.


      • While I certainly understand the basis for your critcisms of Christianity, I wonder if you would so vehemently and flagrantly attack believers of other faiths, particularly Islam and Judaism? Probanly not, as you might find that responses would come in forms other than words (possibly physical violence or the threat of being labeled hate speech).

        Notice that I stated, believers, not just beliefs, as you are apparently hellbent (no pun intended) on insulting individuals who have responded to your posts, many in nonthreatening, civil manners. While I am not too keen on the Sunday School mentality myself, I’m not so sure mean spirited and condescending atheism is any better.

      • I do not attack, I educate. Many Christians have not read the bible. Many Christians have not read this passage and have never heard of zombies roaming Jerusalem.

        I have stated many times that Islam is a false religion, and in case you did not notice, I have many passages in this blog from the Old Testament that are considered sacred by some Jews. I have studied the Bible in detail, but I have not studied the Koran in detail. The passages I have read from the Koran are evil and obviously not from a perfect god but from men of ancient times. The Koran has that in common with the Bible. I do not fear retribution or liable or bodily harm from anyone.

        You did not mention the verses of this post. Please stick to discussions the verses of the post and do not make angry and unsupported diatribes.

      • Ed,

        I felt attacked by your reply to my comment on December 6, 2009.


      • I was mostly upset that your post on that date did not address the Jerusalem zombies of Matthew 27. Your post was a generic apology for the entire bible, making many claims that had nothing to do with these verses. I used a few adjactives directed toward you that probably should have been left out. However, I do not let apologists off the hook for specific verses in the Bible by ignoring those verses and using the generic feel-good summary of Christianity taught in Sunday School.

        If the Bible is literally true, then zombies got out of their graves and roamed the streets of Jerusalem and many people saw them. Unfortunately, nobody recorded this amazing event at the time it allegedly happened. Furthermore, the only record of this alleged event (written years after it allegedly occurred) does not provide important details and leaves many unanswered questions (did the zombies go back to their graves or live until they died a second time, etc). I do not think you or any other apologist can provide any evidence that zombies did roam Jerusalem or provide any answers to the questions the verses raise.

      • I would encourage you to read a few of the many books out there on Christian Apologetics. Science doesn’t explain everything. Many mysterious events have been documented for hundreds and in some cases, thousands of years. How do you explain Christian Saints, prior to embalming technology that had no evidence of decay for months/years after death. In some instances, the deceased were described as exhibiting a sweat aroma (how do you explain that?). Here’s a verse for you but it requires that you put your ego aside for a moment – 1st Corinthians 3:18-19 in the ESV reads, “Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is folly with God.” I agree that some verses in scripture are difficult but if the answers aren’t readily apparent you shouldn’t just throw it all out and take the position that all of scripture is false, untrue, or just a bunch of silly fables. Maybe the verses that you are discounting have a spiritual meaning/teaching that goes beyond the literal. Also, you make some pretty bold statements like, “Unfortunately, nobody recorded this amazing event at the time it allegedly happened.” How can you possibly know that? Maybe supporting records of this event have been lost. Thousands of books, scrolls, etc. have been destroyed (both unintentionally and intentionally). One of the greatest libraries in Alexandria was burned to the ground. How much of our history has been lost? We have no way of knowing for sure and I’m guessing, if you are honest with yourself and your readers, you will admit that your blog doesn’t provide many answers – just more questions.

      • I have read Christian apologists, including Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, Ray Comfort, William Lane Craig and others. My wife went through RCIA, so she is familiar with Catholic apologetics and has texts on them.

        I would recommend you listen to the podcast Skeptoid on The Incorruptibles at It totally refutes your claims regarding saints not decaying.

        The Library of Alexandria had multiple events that led to its destruction, including the Decree of Theodosius in 391. He was the Christian Bishop of Alexandria. This decree led to many books being destroyed and the death of Hypatia in March 415. According to Socrates Scholasticus

        “Yet even she fell a victim to the political jealousy which at that time prevailed. For as she had frequent interviews with Orestes, it was calumniously reported among the Christian populace, that it was she who prevented Orestes from being reconciled to the bishop. Some of them therefore, hurried away by a fierce and bigoted zeal, whose ringleader was a reader named Peter, waylaid her returning home, and dragging her from her carriage, they took her to the church called Caesareum, where they completely stripped her, and then murdered her by scraping her skin off with tiles and bits of shell. After tearing her body in pieces, they took her mangled limbs to a place called Cinaron, and there burnt them.”

        I agree that my blog raises “more questions,” such as: Where did the zombies go after downtown Jerusalem? Did they die a second time? Did they live for several years or crawl back to their graves before sunset? Did they visit their families? But most importantly, if this remarkable event occurred and was seen by many people, why were there no records of it written down? We have many Roman records on various events that contradict the New Testament, and many other events that if they occurred should be in Roman records but are not.

    • You have not addressed the scripture, but instead of repeat ad naseum some religion dogma which everybody already knows. How can you honestly say you have answered the problem with the scripture being discussed ?

      • Hi mP,

        I ended my response with “Hope that helps.” That’s really all my intent was. If my response was a breach of netiquette for not being on point, please accept my apology.

        As for “zombies” roaming Jerusalem, if you want my take on it, I can’t say that I’m bothered. It would certainly be nice to have some written report handed down to us. And the lack of such a report admits the possibility that the event may not have happened. But there are other possibilities, and why should we doubt the one report we do have? Furthermore, suppose we had another report. Why should we believe it? Wouldn’t we just find reasons to doubt it?

        If you look for reasons to doubt, you’ll find them. If you look for reasons to believe, you’ll find them. I guess it’s just a matter of what you truly want to find. So why do you want to find what you want to find? Are you sure it’s really what you want? Could it be that what we often claim is an intellectual issue is actually a heart issue?

        FWIW, from my own experience struggling with doubt a ton, I have come to the conclusion that doubt will never get me to where I want to be.

        Perhaps I’m off point again, but still, I hope it helps you on your journey. I’m sorry that I have more questions than answers. The only thing I have to offer is my perspective.

      • Thank you for offering your perspective.

      • @ Steve (2-24-2011):
        “Science doesn’t explain everything.
        Religion doesn’t explain anything.”
        — AronRa

  3. Isaiah 53:10
    Yet it was the LORD’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer,
    and though the LORD makes his life a guilt offering,
    he will see his offspring and prolong his days

    • This blog entry was about Matthew 27. You did not address the contents of this blog entry.

      The words “THOSE WHO R SAVED BY JESUS” do not appear in Isaiah 53. You have to rewrite the actual words in order to make it prophetic. Likewise, there is nothing in Psalm 2 or Psalm 22 that is prophetic.

    • Like all prophecies about Jesus none actually remotely matches Jesus in any manner. Isaiah doesnt even mention the messiah, read the remainder the chapter for a clearer picture of whats it talking about. The same is true of Micah (5:9???) which is quoted as proof he was to be born of a virgin. Read the remainder and see for youself its not talkijng about Jesus but some one else who will fight the Assyrians …

  4. So it seems that you made it impossible to post another comment/reply to this post ( )

    I think it’s a bummer that you would just end the conversation like that. You finally gave me your take on my logic – which is what I was hoping you would do the whole time – and then you don’t let me respond.

    • I understand your feelings. I have just grown very tired of back and forth arguments that go nowhere. I think the verses display vengeance. You think they show we can say anything to God, including that we want babies heads dashed against rocks. I don’t think either one of us will change our minds through and internet back and forth. Perhaps with time and lots of thought one or both of us might change our opinions on these verses. I used to have longer back and forths, but I no longer have that desire.

  5. When it comes to Jesus logic is unworthy.

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  7. When you look at the terrible things that happen to those who pray,

    one should rationally conclude that – – –

    ‘With Friends Like God, Who Needs Enemas?”

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